According to Mark (world premiere)


ongoing Midwest tours

March 2006 – present

An engaging solo theatrical performance of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, utilizing as its script a word-for-word King James version of The Gospel of Mark. Film, television and stage actor James Krag presents his profoundly human interpretation of the 2000-year old story and conveys its themes of forgiveness, charity and faith into the new millennium. In this 100-minute performance, Krag — who has performed on Broadway and at Chicago’s Steppenwolf and Goodman theatres– presents the Man from Galilee as He was first known: as a dynamic rebel, as a frustrated but humorous teacher, and finally as a loving, lonely leader who forever changed the world.

    “The thoughtful, carefully researched, chosen – and, yes, humorous – interpretation of Mark’s Gospel continues to inspire us“.

    Jim and Bernie Treichel
Habitat for Humanity, Madison, Wisconsin

“Jim Krag’s flawless portrayal of the Gospel According to Mark brings alive the story of Jesus with a fresh immediacy. To be so strongly drawn into the dynamic urgency of this fast-moving Gospel is to know its impact on those first followers of Jesus. Through this production, their experience becomes our own!”   Tom Rook, Fourth Presbyterian Chicago

“Director Jeff Christian packs a great deal of stimulating components into this 70-minute ride.  Kill Me is an ambitiously entertaining visit into the mind of the macabre”    Chicago Stage Review

“While I have known the story of Jesus for years, According to Mark brought it to life in ways I never imagined! It was a soul inspiring performance. Winton Boyd,  OR UCC