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 Monkey Business 

monkey food

  • Teaching advanced directing in Columbia College‚Äôs Department of Cinema and Television Arts.
  • Wrote animated entertainment shorts for The Chicago Cubs, working with the creative designers at Sarofsky.
  • Directed and produced ScreenPlay,  a series of original short films for the CCPA at Roosevelt University
  • Developing projects with LA and Chicago production houses.
  • Performed in a concert reading of the world premier musical, Parcel from America, with Irish Theatre of Chicago.
  • Contributed to Isaac Butler and Dan Kois’s bestselling book, The World Only Spins Forward: The Ascent of Angels in America.
  • Adapted and directed The Two Gentlewomen of Verona and acted in The Rover for 15th season with Lakeside Shakespeare Theatre.
  • Acted in The Weir at Notre Dame University with Irish Theatre of Chicago.
  • Directed Mojo Mickybo at Notre Dame University and The Davis Theater with Irish Theatre of Chicago.
  • Wrote for and performed in JR Sullivan’s Hometown Holiday.
  • Directing and producing James Krag’s solo show, According to Mark.
  • Taught an American cinema directing workshop for the Beijing Film Academy.
  • Posted a screen acting reel.