Jeff Christian SAG-AFTRA

acting for the screen

With more than 50 principal credits in features, television, narrative shorts, industrials and national commercials, I’m always looking forward to the next opportunity to help tell a story in front of the camera.  And whether it’s working with big-name director on a blockbuster or working with a young director on an independent short, I’m motivated by delving into the psychologies of complex characters and revel in making discoveries in multiple takes.  I’ve been fortunate to share scenes on screen with actors such as William H. Macy (Showtime’s Shameless), Dennis Quaid (The Express) and Academy Award winner, Jennifer Lawrence (The Poker House), but regardless of whether I’m carrying a scene or serving as a functionary in it, I understand the essential nature of story and am driven to contribute to telling that story. 

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Chicago Fire

Dennis Greene protects his son and squares off against Chicago Fire investigators.



Chicago PD

Sheriff Johnny Lester has to defend his actions to a pair of Chicago Police detectives.



The Poker House

The Coach battles with his rebellious star player (Jennifer Lawrence) in the dark coming-of-age feature directed by Lori Petty.





Witches’ Night

A dead-end stoner with a big heart looks after his little brother in the independent horror/comedy feature starring ER’s Gil McKinney.






In this horror feature, a small town sheriff investigates the disappearance of four college girls – unaware that he is face-to-face with the killer. 





Good People

Getting a break from the drudgery of his besotted clientele, a bartender is questioned by a mysterious young woman in this serio-comic short.






A kindly cop distributes his own brand of justice in this incubator series short sponsored by the IFP.





Fan in the Street

Real person interview segment for the Chicago Blackhawks, shot as proof of concept with Digital Kitchen.




Select Film and Television Credits


Chicago Fire:  #1015 “The Missing Piece” | NBC | d. Daniel Willis

Chicago PD:  #422 “An Army of One” | NBC | d. John Whitesell

Shameless:  #312 “Survival of the Fittest” | Showtime | d. Mark Mylod

Batman Begins | Warner Brothers U.K. | d. Christopher Nolan

The Express | Universal Pictures | d. Gary Fleder

Witches’ Night | Haymoon | d. Paul Traynor

The Poker House | Phase 4 Films | d. Lori Petty

Innocent| Windward | d. Aram Rappaport

Good Guy with a Gun | One Shot Productions | d. John Mossman

Happy Hour | 71° North | d. Martin Rodahl

An Apocalypse | Columbia | d. Matt O’Connell

The Last Rider | Last Rabbit | d. Sebastian Keck

Cyrus | Lakeshore | d. Mark Vadik

Carjacked | IFP | d. Casshmarek Green

Good People | Taproot Productions | d. Alex Lemay

Pickman’s Muse | Cappelletto Productions | d. Robert Cappelletto

Spaceman Dan’s 243rd Flight | Ground Zero Films | d. John Mossman

Coasting | Filmtrust, Inc. | d. Amy Turilli