Scenes From the Big Picture

by Owen McCafferty

Seanachai Theatre Company at Chicago Department of Cultural Arts Storefront Theatre

August-October, 20o8

Continuing Seanachaí Theatre’s tradition of Irish storytelling, the play smashes the “Big Picture” into vivid snapshots of intimate groups of people. Moving from shops to pubs to life on the street, the urban story masterfully weaves together the lives of twenty-one characters in forty scenes into a 24-hour slice of contemporary Belfast life. Originally presented by London’s Royal National Theatre in 2003, this production was nominated for Best Ensemble by the Jeff Awards.

““The terrific 21-member cast—which includes such Seanachai ensemble members as Thomas Vincent Kelly, Sarah Wellington and Jeff Christian—provides real heft.”    Chicago Tribune

““Features a superbly unified, highly individualistic, generation-spanning ensemble of 21 actors.”   Chicago Sun Times

“Seanachai’s latest offering is that rare exquisite experience that both moves you and then haunts your memory long afterwards.”    Center Stage Chicago

“McCafferty and the seamless ensemble subtly, skillfully suggest the scenes’ often unseen links.”    Time Out Chicago